China Golf Association, abbreviated as "CGA", is a group member of the All-China Sports Federation, is recognized as the national sports association by the Chinese Olympic Committee, is only legal organization to participate the events and activities of International Golf Federation in China, is also a member of International Golf Federation (IGF) and Asia Pacific Golf Association (APGC).

    The top Chinese men's professional golf tournament is hosted by China Golf Association (hereinafter referred to as the "China Tour"), and open for both domestic and international professional players, its composition includes: China Tour – the regular tournament (independent certification events) and China Tour - joint certification events.
    1, 2017 China Tour - regular tournament is the only men’s professional golf tournament series hosted by China Golf Association, and operated by CGD (Beijing) Sports Industry Co.,Ltd. Each event bonus of the China Tour - regular tournament is $200 thousand, including 12 events in a year.
    2, 2017 China Tour - joint certification events define it: China Golf Association and other international collectively verified tournament joint certificate the events in the 2017 China Tour. There are no less than 4 events in a year, and each event bonus is above $300 thousand.
    3, Original China Tour – PGA Tour China Series changed its name to China Tour - Regular Tournament.
    4, The 2017 China Tour will be setting up a unified membership system to combine China Tour - regular tournaments with joint certification events. The China Tour – regular tournaments still have 3 Q-Schools tournaments, including 2 international qualifying events for international, Hong Kong, Macao and Chinese Taipei players, and 1 China qualifying event for domestic players in China.
    5, The 2017 China Tour will be establishing a unified bonus list to combine China Tour - regular tournament with joint certification events. The unified bonus list will provide new promotion channel access to other international tournaments. (Details on the Players Booklet)
    6, The China Tour will be developing further cooperation with other mainly international tournaments, including the European Tour, the PGA Tour, the Asian Tour etc. Our target is to strengthen the China Tour and establish an influential international tournament, help the development of golf industry in China and all over the world.
Official Strategic Partner


Host Course
  • 三亚亚龙湾高尔夫球会
  • 揽海高尔夫
  • 圣安德鲁斯
  • 南山国际高尔夫球会
  • 神州高尔夫球会
  • 博鳌亚洲论坛国际会议中心高尔夫球会
  • 驿山高尔夫球场
  • 庐山国际高尔夫球场
  • 香山国际高尔夫球场
  •  天津滨海森林高尔夫俱乐部
  • 黄山高尔夫球会
  • 富春山居
  • 桃花源高尔夫
  • 庆隆南山高尔夫球会

Co-Sanctioned Events

  •  European Tour
  • Challenge Tour
  •  Asia Tour