China Tour will hold 2 Q-school, Venue1 is for the player from Mainland of China, and Venue 2 is for the players from Hong Kong, Macao, Chinese Taipei and other foreigner countries. Please register only one qualifying tournament.

  • Date: Dec 13th, 2020 – Dec 19th, 2020
  • Host Course: Mission Hills Golf Club (Sandbelt Trails)
  • Address: No. 1 Mission Hills RoadHaikou, Hainan Province
  • Postal Code: 571155
  • Deadline: Friday November 27th,17:00 China Standard Time (GMT +8)


A 72-hole stroke play event. The Qualifying Tournament becomes official after 36 holes have been played.

Players with score lower than 180(including)after 36 holes make the cut. Players with score lower than 270(including)after 54 holes could play the final round.

Field Size

Maximum of 120 players in each tournament field. 2018,2019 China Tour member has the priority to enter the Q-school. Entry will be closed before the entry deadline once the field is full.

Should the field reach the maximum number of players, an alternate list will be created based on the date and time of receipt of application.

The organizing committee will be authorized to combine the two Qualifying tournaments into one if the application number is less than expected.

Entry Fees

7500 RMB or 1100 USD

Entry fee includes: Green Fee, Driving Range Fee during the practice and official rounds. Caddie Fee, Locker Room Fee.

Caddie Tip: No less than 150 RMB/18 holes, 100RMB/9 holes

Caddie fee: 150 RMB/18holes


Professional players and amateur players with a handicap (when applying the grade value of the qualifying course, the handicap is below 4 and 4). China Tour reserves the right to verify the handicap index and the right to refuse anyone not meeting requirements.

In accordance with China Tour Tournament Regulations, a player must be 16 years of age or older to be eligible for membership. A player under the age of 16 may enter a China Tour Qualifying Tournament, provided the player turns 16 on or before the first scheduled round of the final official money China Tour tournament of the season. If a player under the age of 16 qualifies for China Tour, the player would not become eligible for China Tour membership until his 16th birthday.

Player Meeting

All the player need attend the 2020 New Golf Rules Seminar before the 1st round.

All players receiving membership into China Tour are required to stay on the tournament venue for a member meeting. Please plan your travel schedule accordingly. Details and location will be posted onsite.

Player’s Category

he lowest 40 finishers from Venue 1 & Venue 2 after the conclusion of play will be eligible for 2020 China Tour membership. In each of the qualifying tournament, the Top 20 players will earn status of Category 5. And the top 21-40 will earn status of Category 10. The ranking in relative category will be based on their score in Qualifying

Ties 20 and 40 will be broken for the purpose of ranking on the 2020 eligibility list by play off on the host course.

Note:Armatures, non-member, player under 16 year will be accounted into the top 20 or top 21-40

Membership and Performance Benefits

Player eligible for Membership of the China Tour will be regarded as a member for the current official season and obtain membership rights upon receipt of the completed membership application forms and membership fee.

Membership fee: 3000RMB/450USD

Membership deadline: By 5 p.m. China Standard Time (GMT +8) on June 1st, 2020.

Late Membership: An eligible player who wish to take up China Tour membership but fails to do so by the membership deadline will be required to pay a membership fee of 5000RMB.

The final deadline for complying with the requirements of above provisions and paying the increased membership fee of 5000RMB shall be October 1st.

Players should note that Official Money will only count from the date the player becomes a member. Top players from money list could have the right listed as below:

The leading money winner from the China Tour Money List earns a category 16 spot on the following season’s European Tour.

Next 3 leading available players from the China Tour Money List are exempt into 2nd stage European Tour Q-School if not otherwise exempt.

Note: For the purpose of adapting for the Q-school time of European Tour, the China Tour is entitled to determine a deadline by which the players exempted into the second stage of European Tour Q-school shall be selected according to the China Tour Money List.

Next 5 leading available players from the China Tour Money List are exempt into final stage Asian Tour Q-School if not otherwise exempt.

Note: For the purpose of adapting for the Q-school time of Asian Tour, the China Tour is entitled to determine a deadline by which the players exempted into the final stage of Asian Tour Q-school shall be selected according to the China Tour Money List.

All China Tour members participating a tournament co-sanctioned with Asian Tour will automatically become the Associate Members of Asian Tour, provided their application for the membership under the regulation of Asian Tour.

Winners of China Tour Tournaments are exempt for the remainder of the year during which they win and the following 2 calendar years. (must be professional status and meet the minimum age requirement)

Players within the Top-60 on the Honor Ranking are exempt for the following year.

Exchange playing opportunities on European Challenge Tour and other international tours will be determined by China Tour and the other Tours.

Entry form


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Players could pay the entry fee by Chinese Yuan or US dollar. The entry fee of the China Tour need to be paid online. The payment information will be sent by the official mailbox after the receiving the application form.


1. After the successful submission of the application form, the players will receive an automatic reply and require e-mail verification. 

2. the successful verification of the mailbox, the player will enter the audit stage. 

3. After the audit is successful, the player will receive the payment prompt message, please follow the message content to complete the payment of the entry fee. 

4. The success of the player registration is only conditional by the successful payment, according to the limited number, first come first served. China Tour 2018&2019 Members have the priority to enter for the 2020 Qualifying.

Notice:Do not accept on-site registration! Official mailbox is

Withdrawals & Refunds

Applicants who withdraw before entry deadline will receive a refund with fully entry fee.

Applicants who withdraw before the official practice day will receive a refund with half entry fee.

No refunds will be issued to contestants after they have started play in the Qualifying Tournament.

Contestants who withdraw during the round may be subject to disciplinary action.

Withdrawal must be sent to the

Rules of Golf

Play shall be governed in accordance with R&A and United States Golf Association, as modified by the CHINA TOUR - Local Rules and Conditions of Competition card and supplemented by the Notice to Competitors. Questions or disputes (including equipment rulings) shall be settled by the on-site Rules Committee appointed by CHINA TOUR, whose decision shall be final.


Any driver the player uses in the qualifying must on the current List of Conforming Driver Heads issued by The R&A. Any ball used must be on the current List of Conforming Golf Ball issued by The R&A.

One Ball Rule the Groove and Punch Mark Specifications in Model Local Rules 8G is applying in the qualifying.

During the qualifying, a player must not obtain distance information by using an electronic distance-measuring device.

Spike Policy

The use of traditional metal spikes is permitted during the Competition. Soft spikes may be required during practice rounds at the discretion of the host facilities.


Players and Caddies shall walk at all times during the Qualifying Tournament, except when permitted to ride by the Rules Committee. Players are not required to have a caddie; they may carry their clubs or use a manual pull cart.


Players: While on the host facility property, players shall present a neat appearance in both clothing and personal grooming. Blue jeans, shorts, cutoffs, T-shirts or shirts with no collar shall not be worn. 

Caddies: While on the host facility property, caddies may wear either long pants or tailored solid colored knee length shorts. Blue jeans, cutoffs, T-shirts or shirts with no collar shall not be worn. Smooth rubber sole shoes are required. Sandals, open toe shoes, and golf shoes with traditional metal or soft spikes are prohibited.


While on host facility property during qualifying rounds; players and caddies shall conduct themselves in a professional manner. China Tour reserves the right to remove a player from the qualifying competition for; non-competitiveness; conduct unbecoming a professional by the player; conduct unbecoming a professional by the players’ caddie.

China Tour reserves the right to remove an applicant from the competition if an applicant returns a non-competitive score after any round of the China Tour Qualifying Tournament.

Reduction or Cancellation

Any reduction or cancellation in the respective qualifying competition shall be in accordance with Reduction/Cancellation Guidelines as found in the China Tour Tournament Regulations. In the event that the competition is cancelled, all entry fees will be refunded.

If in the referee of the on-site China Tour Rules Official or designee, whose decision shall be final, conditions render commencement or continuation of tournament play inadvisable, play shall be postponed until such time as the China Tour Rules Official or designee determines that such weather conditions or other occurrences or conditions have improved significantly for play to commence or resume.

In situations involving adverse weather conditions or any other occurrence or condition, our first priority is the completion of the qualifying competition. Every effort will be made to achieve this objective by the end of the scheduled competition day.

In the event the qualifying competition cannot be completed by the end of the scheduled competitive day, play will be extended. Every effort will be made to complete the qualifying competition as soon as possible. The competition will not continue beyond the end of the day immediately following the last scheduled tournament round of the competition. The China Tour Weather Guidelines will be in effect.

China Tour Reserves the right to change the format, venue(s), qualifying spots and other criteria as presently contemplated.

Peace of play

Player should follow the PACE OF PLAY POLICY in China Tour Tournament regulation.

Starting Times

Starting times will be available two days preceding the Qualifying competition at the host facilities or on the web at


The undersigned hereby grants and assigns to China Tour, without limitation, the undersigned’s individual television, radio, motion picture, photographic, electronic, internet “Interactive Applications” (as defined below) and all other media rights with respect to the undersigned’s participation in the qualifying tournament or any portion thereof (i.e., at all times on-site during Tournament week and during any Tournament-related activities), or any other footage of the undersigned that may be captured by China Tour Entertainment or its contractors with the undersigned’s permission, with the understanding that China Tour's use thereof shall be limited to the following: (1) advertising, promoting or publicizing the China Tour, or any broadcasts thereof; (2) live broadcasts during tournaments, (3) broadcasts or exhibitions on a recorded basis as part of a program or motion picture of tournaments or year-end summaries of sports award programs or any news of sports news programs; provided, that in no case shall the rights granted hereunder be used in any program or motion picture designed for instructional purposes without the express written consent of the player(s) involved; and (4) live or taped non-exclusive updates. “Interactive Applications” shall mean the presentation in any medium in a way that permits the viewer to interact with or manipulate the presentation or access other relevant information during the presentation. China Tour may assign such rights to those parties to those parties it deems necessary. The undersigned agrees to refrain from any action which will interfere with China Tour’s ownership of the rights hereunder granted and assigned to China Tour or with any authorized use thereof. The undersigned also agrees to abide by and be governed by the China Tour - Tournament Regulations currently in effect (and, if a member of China Tour, attest that a copy thereof has been furnished to me) and by the Rules of Golf of the R&A, subject to any modifications thereof approved by China Tour.

The undersigned hereby declares that they have the financial capacity to support themselves on the China Tour for one full year and that the foregoing information furnished by player in the Application is true and complete; and understands that any material false statements herein furnished by player may result in their expulsion from the Tournament and the suspension or termination of their playing privileges in tournaments cosponsored, approved or endorsed by China Tour.

DRUG TESTING: I understand that drug testing may be conducted on players pursuant to the Chinese National Anti-Doping Agency. As a potential member of China Tour, I understand I may be bound by the requirements of the Program specifically including but not limited to the following: to provide a urine sample to any testing agency authorized by the China Tour at any time or place without advance notice; that refusal to provide a sample, if requested, will constitute an anti-doping rule violation; that any sample collected shall become the property of the China Tour; that the China Tour may disseminate information pertaining to me relevant to the Program, as permitted by the Program; and that the Results Management provisions of the Program shall provide the sole and exclusive method for resolving any dispute related to drug testing.

By submission of this entry, I agree to the following:

• I agree to the regulations on the entry form included herewith and I agree that my entry is subject to rejection at any time.

• I agree that certain risks are inherent to the game of golf and accept personal and sole liability for all such risks.

• I agree that the responsibility of insuring this application is received by China Tour by no later than the applicable entry deadline as set forth on Exhibit A is mine alone and that this application will be automatically rejected if it is received by China Tour after such date and time.

• I agree that the risk of delay lies solely with me and that the China Tour has no liability with respect to any such delay and the consequences there from, including rejection of this entry.

I agree that all charges associated with this application made to either my personal credit card or a third-party credit card are my responsibility and that should these charges be rejected, disputed or otherwise remain unpaid, my membership privileges in China Tour may be forfeited.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, China Tour reserves the right to deduct any rejected, disputed or otherwise unpaid charges from any prize money owed to me.

China Tour will use personal information collected from applicants for the purpose of administering the tournament and to provide applicants with information relating to products, services and promotions of China Tour and affiliates of China Tour. China Tour shall not sell, share or otherwise disclose personal information of applicants with third parties, other than to third parties engaged by China Tour to fulfill the above purposes or as otherwise consented to by the applicant. To view China Tour’s Privacy Policy, visit

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  • 神州高尔夫球会
  • 博鳌亚洲论坛国际会议中心高尔夫球会
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