Players are happy to China while Lin leads the first round


(9th MAY, Kunming) Chinese Taipei`s LIN Wei, who was the champion of 2014 China Amateur Tour final station, leads the first round of the first China Tour International Qualifying tournament with a 5-under 67 at OCT Kunming Wind Valley Club. Shotaro BAN and Yusuke MINAMOTO scored a 4-under 68,tied for 2nd,while there are 10 players who shoot under par.

“The golf course feels pretty good, it is fairly easy to play without the wind. The green is a little bit up and down which is challenging. “ said Lin Wei, who was born in 1995 and turned pro in June last year.
He got 7 birdies today with 2 bogeys in Hole 13th and 18th. “The 13th hole is a Par 3,my tee shot fly to the back of the green, and I chipped back with a 40-inch putt, and didn’t made it.”
“I aim to won the order of Merit this year, so I could get through to the Asian Tour and the European Tour.” He added.
It is Shotaro BAN`s first time to the China Tour, but he is quite familiar with China. “Last year my good friend Alex Kang,he played this tour and he introduce me a lot.” Shotaro BAN said,who was a Sino-Japanese born in America.
Shataro got 8 birdie today while bogeyed 4 at the same time, carded 4-under 68,tied for 2nd with Yusuke MINAMOTO.“Yes, today,it was OK, not great. I was a little bit nerves,since I haven’t played for a while. It was tough if you are nerves, but overall I managed. Ball striking is not very good today.”Shataro said, “Tomorrow, I need to play more smart.”
American Joseph GUNERMAN birdied on 7th、14th and 17th without any bogeys.” I mean the condition was good, it was nice if it wasn`t windy, so I thought it was an advantage. Anytime that you made no bogeys, that was great. ”Joseph said, ”I dint take any advantages on Par 5s, so hope I could do better tomorrow. No complains for a good start.” 
Joseph,who tied for 4th after the first round ,won the full exemption card last year,but he didn't play well and lost it in the end of year. “I was here last year  and played the full season. It`s nice to be back. I came last year just because I heard from some friend. They said this tour was really good.Last year was a great season, I played golf which was really good and I enjoy travelling China which was great fun. I have a lot of friends in Beijing, I already have some friends here,so I am happy to be back.”
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