On the Right Track: Lin’s Fire Turns Into Another Win in Round 3


(11th May, Kunming) Wind blew up, wins never stop. For most players, it was just another round in another windy day. But for Lin Wei, it was a further step to crown the title in the Venue 2 International Qualifying Tournament on China Tour. 1- under 71, though was not that impressive comparing with his last two rounds, yet retained his dominance on the course. -10, (67-68-71), he kept his name on the upfront of the leading squad. 

Hung Chienyao, who carded 2- under 70 today, was only down by one after three rounds -9, (69-68-70).
Minamoto Yusuke shot a 2- under 70 today, his brave heart has never been away, even for one second. -8, (68-70-70), it was not that hard for him to spot third on the top leaders. On their heels, Joseph Gunerman (72,E) and Ban Shotaro ( 73,+1) locked 4th and 5th separately. -6 and -4 wasn’t widen up the gap, on the contrary, brought more possibilities in the final round.
After handed in the score card, the 21-year-old Chinese Taipei golfer, Lin Wei joked that his mind was ‘almost blew off in such a windy day’. Lin birded on Hole 1, added two birdies on Hole 3 and Hole 9, extended his score to -3 on the front nine. “I had a good sense of the wind direction and I wasn’t losing control of my driving distance. I got a hot hand in green shot. Those 3 birdies was all finished within 3 yards”, Lin added, “ On Hole 10 on the back nine, I left my ball 140 yard to the pin after the 2nd shot. Unfortunately, I felt distracted on my swing in my third shot and a bogey added to my score card. Since I wasn’t adjust that soon, I bogeyed again on Hole 11”.
In the following , Lin notched the fourth birdie on Hole 14, but bogeyed on Hole 18, ended with a 1-under 71. “ I think I’m in good shape these days. Tomorrow is the final round, I will keep my strategy and focus on my game. I will never let the opportunity slip away”.
Hung made 1 birdie and 1 bogey on the front nine to reach the turn in 36. He birded on Hole 11, Hole 12, Hole 14 and Hole 15, with two bogeys carded, finished a 2- under 70. Yunnan was a blessing place in his golf career and he wanted to keep it up and put a full membership card in his pocket. In fact, he has been eyeing the upcoming tournaments already. 
Minamoto Yusuke shot a 2- under 70 today. He notched 6 birdies but bogeyed on 4 holes. “ I hit my irons pretty good, so I created a lot of chances for birdie. However, I felt frustrated as my putting was horrible today. I missed a couple of them and bogeys were inevitable”, said him.
Minamoto loves China and the Chinese food. “If I can get a full card, I will definitely focus on my tournament plan here in China”, he smiled.
Ban Shotaro bogeyed 3 holes in the front nine but notched 2 birdies on the back and he finished a 1+ over 73. “ The wind is crazy, still I don’t think a 3+ on the front nine is tolerable”, said him, “ My putting was horrible and I didn’t swing that good. But overall, things haven’t been out of my control. I will stick to my plan as the past 3 day’s tomorrow.”
All 15 full membership cards will be delivered tomorrow. Daniel Cho, Irie Irawan and Jean-luc Burnier shared the 14th place right now while Fang Yinjen and Girgio Phillipe are T17 with +3. Eight players are only down by 3 within after them. Will Lin widen his gap to other players and win the qualify tournament, or could a black horse show up and put him under the spotlight? 
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