Lin Wei Tops On 2017 China Tour New Full Exemption Cardholders


(12th May, Kunming) It was a sunny day on Kunming OCT Wind Valley Club, and no wind. The 21-year-old Chinese Taipei golfer Lin Wei hit his target as shooting a round 3- under 69, finally won the championship of the Venue 2 International Qualifying Tournament. -13, (67-68-71-69), his strong mind and stead performance is the key to success. Meanwhile, 14 other players also acquired the full exemption cards in the new season on China Tour. 
The top 15 full exemption cardholders are: Lin Wei, Joseph Gunerman, Deyen Lawson, Ban Shotaro , Hung Chienyao, Daniel Masrin, Minamoto Yusuke, Hsu Haosheng, Richard Jung, Tseng Hongsheng, Liu Yujui, Jean-luc Burnier, Trevor Sluman, Daniel Cho and Fang Yinjen. 
Besides, Kingsley Kelly, Thomas Bosco-Cwiok, Sato Hidetomo, Benjamin Krug, Lin Kuanpo, An Jaehyun, Giorgio Defilippi and Adam Ward secured an conditional exemption card in the new season. 
Lin Wei expressed his excitement after leading all the way towards championship and the full exemption card. “I told myself to be 100% focus on the front nine because behind me there were couple of competitors and they won’t let me take that title easily. On Hole 1, I drove my ball smoothly and landed it 154 yards to the pin. I chipped it onto the green and birdied that hole in no worry, which set the tone of my day”. Back then, he notched 2 birdies on Hole 3 and Hole 6, making 9 pars in the back nine. -3(69), bogey free, he did it.
“I played well in general though missed a couple of birdie opportunities”, Lin said, “My strategy was to avoid making mistakes and to keep the landing nearer to the green. I did pretty good. 95 points, that was me marking myself in these four days”. 
Lin turned pro in June last year. As a rookie kicked off his career in less than a year, he showed consistence in playing and has got 3 wire to wire vitories. For the upcoming China Tour, he feels exciting, “I look forward to the start of the new season, wishing I could win more titles. I will never care much about how long my opponents hit and how accurate their balls land. I’d rather stick to my driving distance and normal rhythm”.
American golfer Joseph Gunerman finished his final round in a 3- under 69, marking himself -9 (69-69-72-69), associated with Deyen Lawson and Ban Shotaro, getting the full card on T2. “It was awesome. I wasn’t that nervous these days. All I need is to play what I should play and fortunately, I did pretty good this week. So, I’m happy to be a part of the new season”, he added.
“I can’t wait for the new season and I believe it’s going to be great”, Joseph never missed a single tournament last year, however, only ranked 68th on the Order of Merit, letting the full card slip away. This year, he came back fully prepared and desperate to mark a highlight on the page turner. 
With no surprise, Ban Shotaro, the Sino-Japanese American made 68-71-73-67 after four rounds, secured a full card for himself. “ I played very good, only got a problem on a few par 5 holes. I bogeyed on Hole 3 and Hole 12,” he said, “But I got smart, so I birdied a lot”.
“This is the first time I have a full card for a tour. I guess it’s gonna be a brand new start”, Ban added, “ I won’t think that much, just make every stroke count and every tournament matter”.
The Australian Deyen Lawson notched 7 birdies in the final round, played perfectly with no bogey carded, rocketed to T2 from T6 and a full card is no question. “ I’m very happy today because I played well and stable. I showed my skills in every stroke, especially the putting”, Deyen said, “ Actually I didn’t do good on day one, pretty plain the day after. Still, I became better and better as the round advanced. It’s very thrilling”.
Speaking of the upcoming new season, Deyen said, “I’m very looking forward to it. I will be playing in both Australian and China. It’s gonna be busy and I’ll try my best to coordinate them. In fact, golf courses in China are quite appealing. I hope I could have good memories here”. 
So far, the two China Tour qualifying tournaments has been finished and 30 full exemption cards and 17 conditional cards are delivered. Next week , Venue 3 International Qualifying Tournament are awaiting, still, at Kunming OCT Wind Valley Club. For those players wanna challenge themselves and reach their limits, hurry up! The deadline for the application dues on 5 p.m. , 13th May. Don’t miss it!

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