2018 China Tour launches the“Belt and Road” Honor Ranking

China Tour has announced the 2018 Season Official Schedule,which includes 17 regular tournaments, and 7 co-sanctioned tournaments and 1 Tour Championship. Here are some highlights of updates to make 2018 China Tour a more attractive Tour to players all around the world.

“Belt and Road” Honor Ranking
The No. 1 on the“Belt and Road” Honor Ranking is the highest annual award on China Tour. It is a point-like system that based on a combined calculation of competition performance (Order of Merit) and professional dedication (Attendance). By introducing the “Belt and Road” Honor Ranking, China Tour aims to reward players in both mental and physical condition, so as to better forge and prepare them to be more competitive in the world stage of golf.  

Players will chase for the weekly updated “Belt and Road” Honor Ranking in the new season. It is the first time that China Tour launches such ranking system (Detail about the Ranking can be found in the 2018 China Tour Tournament Regulation which will be released soon).
In addition, the top 60 of 2018 China Tour “Belt and Road” Honor Ranking before the week of Tour Championship will be eligible to enter the 2018 Tour Championship.

Korean player Rak Hyun CHO won two tournaments in 2017, which helps him win the 2017 China Tour Order of Merit and receive 2018 European Tour membership. Also New Zealand player Josh Geary headed into the 2nd stage European Tour Q-School through the top 5 China Tour Order of Merit, he passed the Final Stage Q-school and earned 2018 European Tour membership.

Most remarkably, Chinese Player Xiao Bowen won the season-ending Asian Golf Championship which was co-sanctioned by the China Tour and Asian Tour. This triumph opens up more than 30 Asian Tour (and some are co-sanctioned with Japan Tour, Sunshine Tour, and European Tour) access for him in 2018 season.

Better Player Services

In 2017, the Tour for the first time in its history provided free lunch for over half of its official tournaments during official competition rounds. This player-oriented tradition will be implemented in 2018 as well as many more additional cost-reduced services during tournament week for China Tour players.  

More Performance Benefits for members

A. The top 60 of 2018 China Tour “Belt and Road” Honor Ranking before the week of Tour Championship will be eligible to enter the 2018 Tour
B. The leading money winner from the China Tour Money List earns a Category-15 spot on the following season’s European Tour.
C. Next 3 leading players from the China Tour Money List are exempt into 2nd stage European Tour Q-School if not other wise exempt.
D. Next 5 leading players from the China Tour Money List are exempt into final stage Asian Tour Q-School if not otherwise exempt.
E. All China Tour members participating a tournament co-sanctioned with Asian Tour will automatically become the Associate members of Asian Tour, provided they apply for the membership under the regulation of Asian Tour.
F. Winners of China Tour Tournaments are exempt for the remainder of the year during which they win and the following 2calendar years. (must be professional status and meet the minimum age requirement set by CGA)
G. Top 60 Players within the 2018 China Tour “Belt and Road” Honor Ranking are exempt for the following year. 
H. Exchange playing opportunities on European Challenge Tour and other international tours will be determined by China Tour and the other Tours. 
After successfully completion of 2017 season, the Tour has fulfilled all requirement that the OWGR committee requested during the one-year observation period due to its structure change in late 2016. Starting from 2018 and onward, China Tour will receive the OWGR points as expected.

For more details and application information, please copy and paste the following links in the web browser:
Venue 1 International Qualifying
(Including Hong Kong, Macao and Chinese Taipei)
Venue 2 International Qualifying
(Including Hong Kong, Macao and Chinese Taipei)
Venue 3 Domestic Qualifying
For more information, you can get on the China Tour official website:
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