18 Players’ Dream Come True After China Tour Regular Season International Q-school venue 1


(January 20, 2018, Kunming, Yunnan) China Tour Regular Season International Q-school venue 1 finished at the OCT Kunming Wind Valley Golf Club yesterday. After 4 rounds of play, 18 qualifiers have been emerged from 88 competitors, and achieved full membership for the 2018 China Tour.


The first round started on January 16th, Tuesday, with strong winds and low temperatures. Players indicated that the greens were extremely tough to read, and the back nine were hard to score well. Korean player Sung Hyuk Park and Japanese player Kenta Konish played their best and stayed on the top of the leaderboard after the first round.


The leaderboard changed quickly after the second round. Players struggled on 13th hole, which is the hardest hole on the course. Competitors played this Par 4 with average 4.66 in the first round and 4.77 in the second round.


After two rounds of play, players were more and more familiar with the course. Chi Huang, from Chinese Taipei, shot 65 in the third round, and became the co-leader with Japanese player Ryoma Iwai after the third round.


Chinese Taipei player Lu-Sen Lien shot 68 in the final round, which is the best score in the 4th round among all the competitors, and helped him qualified in the China Tour regular season. We had three players tied 17th after 4 rounds. After playing 18th holes two times, Suteepat PRATEEPTIENCHAI(Thailand), and Patrick COLBURN(USA)won the playoffs and qualified in the 2018 China Tour regular season with other 16 players on the top of the leaderboard.


The 18 qualifiers are Chi Huang(Chinese Taipei), Ryoma IWAI(Japan), Jeffrey KANG(USA), Shota HAYAFUJI(Japan), Beon Yeong LEE(Canada), Kenta KONISHI(Japan), Cory CRAWFORD(Australia), Lu-Sen Lien(Chinese Taipei), Koji INOUE(Japan), Troy MOSES(Australia), Andreas GRONKVIST(Sweden), Sung Hyuk PARK(Korea), Jean-Luc BURNIER(Switzerland), Seongho LEE(Korea), Sam CHIEN(USA)、Hsiang-Hao Huang(Chinese Taipei), Suteepat PRATEEPTIENCHAI(Thailand), Patrick COLBURN(USA). Besides of that, the players ranked from 19th to 39th in the China Tour Regular Season International Q-school venue 1 achieved the conditional membership of the China Tour Regular season.


Those players are looking forward to joining the 2018 China Tour regular season which will start on March 5th at the Dunes of Shenzhou Peninsula Golf Club, Hainan, China. The first three China Tour regular season tournaments will play at the Dunes at Shenzhou Peninsula, Wanning, BFA Golf Course, Bo’ao, and Ancient Saltery, Danzhou. Those three courses are all located in Hainan Island, China. China Tour are looking forward to seeing our players in Hainan on March, and the committee is ready for the new season. The second China Tour Regular Season International Q-school will play in the next week, and the domestic qualifying tournament will be hold in the week after next. We hope all of our players can play their best and have a successful season in 2018 China Tour regular season.

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