Suteepat Won the Final Victory by Beating Li Haotong after 2-Hole Play-Off


After four days of competition in cold weather, 2019 China Tour Championship featuring an impressive prize money of RMB1.5 million ended today in Chongqing Kingrun Golf Club. Thai player Suteepat Prateeptienchai took the lead, and maintained it till the end of the game after 2-hole play-off with Li Haotong. 


After nine regular tournaments and two co-sanctioned tournaments, China Tour Championship is arguably the grand final of the year, which gathers almost all the top pro and amateur players in the country, as well as China Tour’s seven champions this year. 


The competition between Li Haotong and Maverick Antcliff was people’s expectation at the very beginning, and as scheduled, they were arranged to kick off at the same time in the third round. Just like Li Haotong, Suteepat also without testing the golf course. Although he frankly expressed his discomfort with the cold weather before the game started, he still finished the first place with one eagle and four birdies after the first round. 


Li Haotong had an imperfect start. It was a strange course for him and had conservative strategy. He finished the first day with a score of -2. However, he was getting better every round. After the moving day, Li Haotong, Maverick and Suteepat were tired for the first place, contesting for the champion title.


Suteepat was irresistible today. After capturing two birdies and one eagle in the first four holes, he took the lead alone and once played five strokes more than Li Haotong. The key point happened after Suteepat bogeyed successively from the 15th to 17th hole. After Li Haotong birdied in the 16th hole, he and Suteepat formally entered the final contest. They had play-offs twice, while Li Haotong miss the chance to birdie, Suteepat get the crown by a winning birdie.


Maverick didn’t maintain his excellent performance as he did over the past three days, ordinary iron playing and putting gave him two bogeys in front nine. He eventually finished the third place. As his title for the annual prize winner would be threatened by the outcome of this week, this three crown winner would have no regret. 


Chinese players Zhang Huilin and Jin Cheng were tied for the fourth place. Yuan Yechun and Wu Ashun were tied for the ninth place. 


As the championship adopted new competing system, the first two rounds are individual play and the last two rounds are pro-am. Apart from the pro champion Suttepat, Wang Yanzhang, who was recommended by Jiangxi Provincial Golf Association took the crown as the amateur winner (with a score of +1), Sam Chien and Wu Dianchao became the pro-am team winner (with a score of -13) .


As the China Tour Championship ended, this season draws to a perfect end finally. Thanks for all the players, sponsors, spectators and readers. See you in the next season.

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